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Ghosts between worlds...


Savannah based band Global Ghost's songs echo tales of the intangible, nostalgia, life and love.  The acoustic indie-folk band was formed after Brian Crowley (lead vocals / piano) was inspired by a story of a woman who referred to herself as a “ghost between worlds” since returning home to the US after spending decades in Europe.  Relating to this sentiment of global displacement, Brian began songwriting to tell stories of the struggle to balance the life he left behind in Ireland and his home in America.  Joined with fellow expats and friends Tom Townshend and Chris Hagan, Global Ghost uses the piano as a centerpiece to share stories of their journey to find a sense of belonging beween two worlds.

Piano, lead vocals: Brian Crowley

Guitar: Chris Hagan

Guitar, backing vocals, all other instruments: Tom Townshend

All songs written by Brian Crowley, produced and mixed by Tom Townshend, Andrew Sovine & Brian Crowley

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